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Shenzhen Rizen Dental Trade CO., Ltd --- Introduction


Established on August first, 2008, Shenzhen Rizen Dental Trade Co., Ltd is engaged in technical innovation and promotion in dental industry.In the early stage, relying on traditional trade and services, we have gradually won a high reputation in this field, which enabled us to lay a sound foundation for considerable development.


During the process of steady development, we have been breaking open a way through brambles and thorns, equipped with open perspective, we lead the trend with technical revolution and direct customers with excellent technical output service to step into the field of dental digitization. At the beginning of 2012, Rizen rescheduled the development route and joined hand in hand with some dental companies from Germany, Korea, Israel etc. With the continual development of dental digitization market, the technical capability in Rizen is growing more and more profound, a technical training team with innovative ability and profession is set up for the achivemnet of data research, software application and hardware repair, and also provide the one -stop service at home.


In April, 2016, the branch company of Rizen was founded in Shanghai, it mainly provides a whole set of service and market sales service for East China. Up to now, the branch company in Shanghai has won high recognition from customers all over China. By the end of 2017, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Rizen, Shenzhen Chirimen Co., Ltd was founded. The company is committed to individual implant data system’s research,  standard production of implant parts and related parts’ production. We try our utmost to provide the denture enterprises at home and broad with a integrated solution of  high-density, high-quality products and excellent data research.


With the goal of realizing the best interest of collaborators. We have the enterprise strategy of “Unity, Openness, Equality”, and the developing concept to make the products more valuable and investment securer. We join hand in hand with the enterprises in dental industry from China and abroad for the contribution of the information sharing in Digital denture technical repair

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